April, 2014 Update

WMS proposes to allow all students, in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, to take home their assigned Chromebook so that they may have adequate digital access to complete their homework assignments.

Families that have adequate access at home may elect for their child(ren) to keep the Chromebook at school each day

The details of the 1:1 initiative are outlined in the WMS Chromebook Care, Maintenance & Support Agreement.

In order for families to take home the Chromebook, they must attend training with their child(ren). Dates to be announced later this year.

Families must also return a signed Family Contract that outlines the planned use of the Chromebook at home.

The school is asking parents to pay a User Fee that includes a protective case,  home filtering software, and coverage for accidental repairs. See the Care, Maintenance and Support Agreement for more information.

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