Parent/Student Training Dates

Parents and students are required to attend one training session at the time they pickup their Chromebook.

The training dates are August 25th & 26th and again on September 2nd & 3rd.

All students must have their Chromebook with them at school on Monday, September 8th, fully charged and in the provided case.


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4 comments on “Parent/Student Training Dates
  1. Jeff Koechling says:

    Any idea of where and what times those training sessions will occur?

  2. BAM says:

    We are currently working on the details of the training and will post them as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest. ~Bethann

  3. Kazi Ahmed says:

    Does every student get the provided case, whether they pay the $50 maintenance fee or not? It says here that all students must have their chromebook in their provided case, but on some other articles on this website it says that you need to pay $50 for it, which I feel like means that some students wouldn’t be able to bring the provided case, because their parents/guardians didn’t pay the $50.

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