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Forgotten ~Katie Campbell

Amache, Gila River, Heart mountain, Coarse heavy rocks, atop a sea of tears, 48 hours, to change your life, Cold heavy ropes, holding down- the bird, that used to bathe, bask in the rays, remember, forever, never forget, Clipped wings, scattered feathers, A rock of weight, a bird of feather, No where to go, but […]

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Zoe is a Name That is Close To Me ~Juli Richards

who died on 9/11 Zoe was only 8 years old She had a little sister who was 3 years old Zoe cared for her sister Zoe would be in 3rd grade Maybe reading her favorite book When she disappeared from this world Dana was Zoe’s little sister Dana was the youngest person to die on […]

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Arlington’s Many ~Christian A_L

We tiredly traverse an asphalt path, we talk and stretch. Walk and look down at one foot after the other. We feed respect with silence and stillness as we wait to honor a hero. It’s our turn, I walk feeling indifferent. His family shares pictures with us. They rest against his gravestone I realize this […]

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Beginnings ~Mia Narciso

Metal arms stretched outward, wide and open. Reaching up, grasping at the stars far above. Looking out at the next few days before us, the places we’ll go, the adventures we’ll have. It’s what we think about as we stare at this open city, open to possibilities, open for us to wander to wonder, to […]

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Abe ~Willliam Paik

How Must it be to be someone watching the Country that he held together and kept it from crumbling apart into little bite sized chunks. Imagine sitting not having a voice but letting your actions be the Inspiration of a person who would do something wonderful on these very steps How does he do it […]

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