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Falling for Fall: Why Fall is the Best Season by Nadia Calder

Written By: Rachel Barker - Jun• 20•18

The gray sky seemed to swallow up the world, shielding the sun that peeked at the stirring world beyond through the gaps of it’s cloudy interiors. I watched as even the trees trembled under the bite of the howling wind. But safe under the layers and folds of my blanket, only the tips of my toes matched their chill. Steam licked my cheeks like a playful puppy as the smell of my coffee filled my nose. My cat let out a happy purr and nestled closer as my fluffy white monster of a blanket hugged us both tight. I smiled and the day began.

One reason that fall is the best season is because of the changing leaves. As the foliage blooms into red and the temperature drops, the colorful outside sets a cozy scene that begs to be explored. For example, taking a hike, a run, a bike ride, or even a walk in the bright colors of autumn is a calming and beautiful experience. Watching the deep reds, bright oranges, sparkling golds and chocolate browns dance to the ground, watching as they slip through my outstretched fingers, becomes a separate activity in of itself. A light pink stains my cheeks as a wind chases the leaves up and off of the ground and into the crisp air. Even the smell of fall is lovely, wild and joyous, or maybe it’s just bringing back the memories of the joys experienced in this wonderful season. I love being outside in the fall. Walking, biking, running, or hiking instantly becomes better because of the colorful scenery that you can find almost anywhere. The mix of colorful trees and falling leaves makes the scenery in the fall far better than in any of the other seasons.

Some might argue that the temperature in the fall is uncomfortable. The chilly mornings and hot afternoons will leave you wishing you’d never worn that extra layer. You’ll always feel too-hot or too-cold no matter what you do. However, this range of temperature is actually a great thing. It leaves room to either be lying around in a tee or cozying up in a sweater and blanket, the perfect combination that’s not the boiling heat of the past summer or the freezing cold of the future winter. I’ve never enjoyed the extreme heat of the blazing sun or the cold of the icy snow, but the wind that howls and sun that gazes down upon you provides a comforting mix. You can be comfortable in multiple outfits: pants and a tee or shorts and a sweater. Also, exercising outdoors becomes much easier in the cool temperatures.

Another reason to love fall is the activities. Whether it’s apple picking, pumpkin picking or pumpkin carving, it doesn’t matter. All of these things are festive and fun. Driving to a lovely farm that smells of apples, spice, and fresh pumpkins to bring a bag or two of apples, the perfect pumpkin and a good dozen apple cider donuts home is a perfect fall outing. As I climb up the precariously balanced ladder to pick the perfectly red and round apple that gleams like a prize, I know I will undergo another lengthy process to pick my perfect pumpkin. That, I will present proudly on Halloween night as it’s carved eyes glow. With the apples, their numbers will slowly diminish as we savor them in many different forms: apple crisp, apple pie or even just the apple itself. All the activities in the fall are fun and have a great outcome; the apples are delicious to eat, and the pumpkins are fun to carve. But no matter the activity, you can depend on the activities in the fall leaving you in a happy mood.

A final reason why fall is the best season is the amazing food. Sweet, spicy, tart, salty… Fall brings the perfect range of flavors into our mouths. In fall, the baking recipes seem to age a year through folded corners, stains of melted butter and ripped edges. At least three kinds of pumpkin treats will be baked every fall: pumpkin bread, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin pie… If you try hard enough anything can be pumpkin. Even if it isn’t pumpkin, the cool weather and special treats seem like a match made in heaven. Along with the treats, hot drinks are a must in the fall. On every fall morning, a warm drink, whether it’s a coffee, a latte, or tea, will accompany my breakfast and I. The drinks are comforting and delicious-the perfect thing to wake up to. Drinks like hot apple cider or hot chocolate are for lovely afternoons or chilly evenings. There’s nothing better than a warm drink on a cold day, and these said drinks and treats make my meals just that much better and are a great way to brighten my fall day.

The scenery, the activities and the food all make for fall being the best season. Imagine yourself walking between towering oaks, bejeweled by the glimmering colors of autumn. A soft breeze is all it takes for the leaves to slip out of the branches grasp and drift down towards the sea of fallen leaves bellow. The late afternoon sunlight makes the leaves glow as they wave goodbye to their companions watching above, not stopping until they are caught in the net of pine needles, leaves, moss and dirt. Now, they crunch underfoot as you make your way through the perfect image of fall and onwards to the festivities awaiting you. I’m always happiest in the fall, and I guarantee, if you take a moment to relish in the cozy embrace of autumn, it too will be considered your favorite season.


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