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Summarizing Sixth Grade

Summarizing Sixth Grade by Lizy Flagg I was told to write about The glorious Sixth Grade, From the studying And the tests, to the Memorial Day Parade From the House Days And the textbooks, To the POWs and mysteries, From old african kingdoms To the Nile River, Please! From volleyball to soccer, Geometry and sketching, […]

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Ocean Shore

Ocean Shore by Dan Nguyen Waves roll and hush the shore Singing and whispering its ancient lore The sun hovers lightly in the air Painting the sky red everywhere The wind whistles over the rocks Reaching the birds that camp on the docks

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Ode to my Hockey Skates

Ode to my Hockey Skates by Becca Gilmore We make a good pair! You are as fast as lightening, slipping down the frozen water. Me in my pads, helmet, gloves, jersey, and socks. You with your blade, boot, and laces, indents, black marks, and scrapes on the sides. I find a path for you. You […]

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Captive Mustang

Captive Mustang by Joanna Beer A jet black Thoroughbred Paws at the ground With ears back, While circling the paddock, And neighing nervously. A man with crooked teeth With beady eyes Hair, matted and scraggly Jeans, moldy and torn With a whip in hand, Approaches the horse. He grabs a double bit and, Clips it […]

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Read! by Zoe Jacobson I’m falling through space I’m falling through time the words flow through me every letter every rhyme I devour the words as they dance on my tongue leaving tingling suspicions of pages left to come I fly with Dickinson, Alcott, and Dahl anticipating battles, bickering, and many a brawl I fall […]

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