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Fly with the Wind by Madeline O’Leary

Written By: Rachel Barker - Jun• 20•18

The wind breaks through my golden hair as pure white tufts of cloud float by inches from my face. The sound of the wind, chirping birds, and distant shouts from below roar as one gigantic, delightful burst of noise. I soar across the sky as birds glide alongside me. A feeling of freedom and pure joy erupts in my chest. I see a plane in the distance cruising in the air and I feel grateful that I can experience flight this way. The sun glistens and I think it is threatening to blind me, but instead it gives my body warmth. I fly in patterns, zig zagging like a jet through the sky. Full speed I dive towards the Earth, face on, to my landing spot. When I imagine moments like these, I know I would jump at any chance to possess the power of flight. I would choose flight because I could travel quicker and with fewer expenses, I could see the world from a bird’s eye view, and I could help others or myself when in danger.

One reason that I would choose flight as opposed to invisibility is because I could travel quicker and with fewer expenses. It’s always such a hassle traveling, from planes to trains to cars, travelling is expensive and exhausting. My family spends an excessive amount on travel every year and I can only imagine the advantages of flight. Travelling with younger brother would be a thousand times more tolerable if we were flying like a bird to our destination. If I could have the opportunity to fly solo or with my family around the globe, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would much rather fly free of expenses or long lines than travel by normal transportation. Having the ability of flight would save me an outstanding amount of money and time.

Another reason why I would choose flight over invisibility is because you can see the world from a bird’s eye view. Invisibility would only grant you powers to see things from the ground, whereas flight gives you once in a lifetime opportunities to see the world. Haven’t you ever wondered or dreamt about experiencing the world from above, seeing things like a bird? Imagine your favorite place on Earth. Whether that’s a beach or an amusement park, imagine observing it from a bird’s perspective. Imagine seeing the setting sun on one side and large fluffy clouds sailing on your other. That prospective would give me a whole new appreciation for our world that I would normally overlook. I can only dream of seeing wildlife dotting the savanna and houses lining roads. Though you may be able to do this in an airplane, the windows are small and restrictive and you can never control your view. When you’re flying like a bird, you can touch, smell, hear, taste, and see exotic and unimaginable things. Spectacular views are only one of the benefits of flight over invisibility.

Finally, I would choose flight as opposed to invisibility because I could help myself or others in times of danger. Despite the amazing services that police, fire, and other emergency stations provide, flight could give me an even greater ability to help others. If there was a fire, I could soar from above and report back to firefighters. I could warn people about flooding or weather conditions or even volcanoes! Flight would give me the ability to protect soldiers and civilians and to help myself flea in times of danger. Of course there are helicopters and planes for these types of things, but I would be much quicker and could go closer to the situation without being a disruption. Emergencies like these happen daily, and possessing a power such as flight would help change our world for the better. Normal transportation is slower and there can be traffic, but the open sky provides quick and efficient transportation in times of trouble.   Being able to fly would protect and save many lives including my own.

As I picture myself floating above the world below, I know I would choose flight over invisibility. When I think about how the world we live in already allows or forces people into invisibility, I am positive that flight would be the better choice.  The thought of tasting the fresh air and clouds drifting into my mouth as I soar freely past flocks of migrating birds, assures me that flight is the most magnificent superpower known. Although I will never be able to pursue my dream of flight, I can still bask in the glorious thought of that true freedom. As I fantasize, I realize that traveling faster and with limited expenses, experiencing our world from the eye of a bird, and helping myself and others when in danger, are only a handful of reasons why I would choose this impossible superpower.


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