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Joseph Baldwin: The World of Magic, chapter 1 by Jonathan Zhang

My life was ruined on my 13th birthday. On that day my life was put into a stranger’s hands. Fate. I realized that I myself didn’t make my future. Fate made my future. Fate was my future. At least in my world it was. Hello, my name is Joseph Baldwin and welcome to my world. […]

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Accused, chapter 1 by Megan Chau

I had to run. I didn’t care if my breaths became ragged and heavier with each torturous step, or if every part of my body ached and begged me to stop. I raced so fast that the forest encasing me all became a massive blur. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead. I didn’t bother […]

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There’s No Light in Lightning, Chapter 1 by Lilli Tobe

Blinding lightning crackled, as thunder boomed loud in the cloud covered sky. The wind howled, as it started to peel the roof off. The large four pane window shattered, as strong wind raced through knocking me off my feet. Rain poured in through the empty window pane sending shards of glass flying through the air. […]

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Agent Aston Martin, Chapter 1 by Jack Mehlman

It was a foggy mid-July morning in London. The city was just waking up, the streets dead silent. Suddenly, a flash of bright orange light illuminated the sky. A fireball of heat spread across the city. The smell of smoke arose into the misty air. Big Ben had been hit. “Ughh, what’s going on?” I […]

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Fly with the Wind by Madeline O’Leary

The wind breaks through my golden hair as pure white tufts of cloud float by inches from my face. The sound of the wind, chirping birds, and distant shouts from below roar as one gigantic, delightful burst of noise. I soar across the sky as birds glide alongside me. A feeling of freedom and pure […]

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