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Interface Elizabeth Zhong

  The tall, old tree towers over us. Its branches fan out overhead, protecting, filtering sunlight. Heads are bowed. Hands scribble furiously. Pencils scratch lightly. Soft murmurs break out among students.   To our right, workers in their bright excavators rumble down the dark road. Disrupting. On the side of life, time flows, people pass […]

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Tommies and Jerries by Aiden Zhang

I stroll down the ramp underneath the tower for the Atlantic Theater. The polished stone is hot to my touch. Fountains blast high into the sky.   Eyes closed, I turn around in London, Luftwaffe planes blot out the sun. Bombs rain upon the banks of Thames.   I stand before a curved wall, with […]

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Chapter 1 by Jiming Xu

Dark gray smoke suffused the forest air, making me feel lucky that I had a gas mask on. The visibility got worse and worse as my team and I trotted towards the colossal horror. It’s orange and red body was dozens of feet tall, constantly flickered about. The beast moved forward at a discomforting pace, […]

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Senses by Elyz’sa Weathers

Butterflies in my stomach, hands shaking like my phone when it vibrates, my head is swirling with thoughts that consume my mind: Did they do him justice? Is this going to make me think of him? Is this what he would’ve wanted?   Saltwater clouds my senses as I walk in. The wind kisses me, […]

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The Journey by Lizzie Strehle

  White on white aligned as one rows and rows with all names carved in between.   Each footstep leads to another tear another flower another “thank you.”   So much is said in the silence.   I hear your name for what feels like the thousandth time.   Although now, it is different.   […]

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