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In The Ocean’s Arms by Caroline Lampert

          When we saw the grey skies approaching the only brave ones that wanted to go were  my cousin Ella, my brother Michael, my dad and me. The other 17 stayed at the rental house. It was a nice day in Martha’s Vineyard until about 2:15. We lived 0.3 miles away […]

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Heroes by Gavyn Davies

The thunderous rain slaps off umbrellas. The rain wet the pristinely cut grass. Most places shut down in the rain, but Arlington is awake. The hum of lawnmowers echo throughout the streets. Trucks fly by carrying dirt to bury another hero. Walking down the long road, we are passed by funeral processions. Black wagons carry […]

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Remembrance by Joyce Wu

The fading sound of passing cars fills our ears. Black sprinkled with white stars West coast the skies. Silence takes over as we see countless benches. Deaths. Lost souls. People. A dead rose sits under a bench. The petals once velvety, Now crisp Not alive, But still beautiful. Some were forgotten, With no flower to […]

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Grey by Angela Chi

The man bends forward in his rickety chair, elbows leaning heavily on his knees. Eyebrows drooping, closed eyes resting, his worry lined face tells of tougher times, something I can’t begin to understand. But not just his face, his hunger-pang frame clothed in a tattered shirt and ripped pants that didn’t even reach to his […]

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Chapter One by Manasa Rajeev

5:45, my alarm goes off. Dazed, I get up and stagger over to my balcony, grabbing coffee along the way. I stand at the edge, taking small sips as I look over at my sleeping city. The “Welcome to Water Sector, 3” sign keeps flicking on and off. I made a mental note to fix […]

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