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Falling for Fall: Why Fall is the Best Season by Nadia Calder

The gray sky seemed to swallow up the world, shielding the sun that peeked at the stirring world beyond through the gaps of it’s cloudy interiors. I watched as even the trees trembled under the bite of the howling wind. But safe under the layers and folds of my blanket, only the tips of my […]

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Glass of the Sea by Riley Kendall

As we walk down towards the beach I look out to the white caps. Whipping around covering the sand then leaving tiny pebbles behind. I look to my right to see mounds of shells and rocks. I bound off the stairs and run to the shells with a plastic cup in hand.   I crouch down […]

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Untitled by Megan O’Donnell

6 The trailhead Of the Lafayette-Lincoln loop. I looked up, where the peak Of Lafayette was yet to be visible, and Lincoln as well. On your marks, get set, HIKE!   After an hour Of hiking, yet to feel the pain, we got to the hut. We refilled our water, looked at the map of […]

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Fallen Petals by Trisha Raj

My wet feet create patterns against the cold gray rock beneath. Ice cold water splashing gently so far down below.   I say something and my voice carries, bouncing off rocks, repeating over and over again.   Goosebumps arrive with the cold breeze that drifts in the air. The lake below stretches for miles and […]

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The Sun and I by Anna Ilyin

  As I walk on, even though my legs are burning and it seems like I am walking at a snail’s pace…   I am suddenly at the top.   There are no trees here, just bushes sprouting out of the cracks of rock.   Soon the reason we came to the mountain comes to […]

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