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Falling for Fall: Why Fall is the Best Season by Nadia Calder

The gray sky seemed to swallow up the world, shielding the sun that peeked at the stirring world beyond through the gaps of it’s cloudy interiors. I watched as even the trees trembled under the bite of the howling wind. But safe under the layers and folds of my blanket, only the tips of my […]

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Fly with the Wind by Madeline O’Leary

The wind breaks through my golden hair as pure white tufts of cloud float by inches from my face. The sound of the wind, chirping birds, and distant shouts from below roar as one gigantic, delightful burst of noise. I soar across the sky as birds glide alongside me. A feeling of freedom and pure […]

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A Royal Screw Up by Kristen Bestavros

Remember those pretty, perky, crown-wearing princesses from your youth? I’m sure you have fond memories of Cinderella and Snow White. Maybe you liked Jasmine, or Mulan? Whichever you prefer, I’m here to prove that the million-dollar Disney Princess franchise isn’t as sweet as it seems. Don’t get me wrong, I love the royal teenagers, and […]

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