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Beach Tritina ~Leah Scheidemantel

Our feet, pale from the winter, barely touch the water before we retreat back to the safety of the sand to escape getting soaked by a huge wave. We waddle around, covered from head to toe in sand. Hurling and tossing, the crest of each wave turns into white, foamy salt water. Creatures wash up […]

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Cup of Memories ~Samantha Morrison

  I take a tiny sip and let it slide and reach the memories.   I remember fun galore: sledding skiing snowballs forts playing loving siblings. We’re all here, all together. Our feelings circle the table, through three small voices excited and remembering together.   Before long the mug is empty. I took a tiny […]

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First Ropes ~FKJ

  My hands frantically paddle the canoe as I maneuver it toward the island. My friend pushes the canoe up the hill, pulling into the parking lot of boats.   We start our short journey to the other side of the island and we reach the top of the hill to see the long forgotten […]

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The Not-So-Small Scrape ~Kyle Camphausen

Pow! Pow! I am under fire. Not good. I duck into a ditch that has been right behind me for most of the war, without me even noticing. I stick up my half plastic half metal Pulse R72 Airsoft sub-machine gun, and scout out some hidden enemies. Then I hear Haydn’s cry for a medic. […]

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Viaggio: the Journey ~Sharmila Mysore

  The train ride was like a troubled jungle. the animals would rattle, shake and howl at each other. We would eat like we were scavenging for food. As if the food was scarce, and we had to scarf the scraps off the half eaten antilope.   Teachers are like zookeepers, looking for the devious […]

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