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Ode to my Hockey Skates

Written By: mpeirce - Jun• 16•11

Ode to my Hockey Skates
by Becca Gilmore

We make a good pair!
You are as fast as lightening,
slipping down the frozen water.

Me in my pads,
helmet, gloves, jersey, and socks.
You with your blade, boot, and laces,
indents, black marks, and scrapes on the sides.

I find a path
for you.
You go
through the icy path,
whizzing through the defense men.

You get on your edges,
I lean with you,
We go together on the tight turns,
throughout the ice.

I can trust you to come to a stop
quickly and rapidly.
We might flutter snow in the goalies eyes
just for fun.

How do you
stay so
stable and sharp?
How do you
make me
get so low?
How do you
put deep and slick divots
in the ice?
Some things we just might not know.

I do not know how
I do not fall,
but yes
I do fly with you down the ice.

It is not long
before good fun hours go by
I throw you in my bag
cause it is time to go home.

I do not know
what I would do,
without you,
hockey skates.
We do make a good pair!

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One Comment

  1. Candice says:

    I love this! I am a hockey player who has bonded with her skates as well. Keep writing and playing hockey!

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