Wayland Middle School's Literary Magazine

Fallen Petals by Trisha Raj

Written By: Rachel Barker - Jun• 19•18

My wet feet create patterns

against the cold gray rock beneath.

Ice cold water splashing gently

so far down below.


I say something

and my voice carries,

bouncing off rocks,







Goosebumps arrive

with the cold breeze

that drifts in the air.

The lake below stretches

for miles and miles beyond.


Across the lake a

beach with golden sand

shines in the sunlight

Across the lake

there are rocks

jetting out in every direction.

Across the lake

A beautiful waterfall

seems to catch the sunlight

and turns it into a

million different colors.


I look below

at the blue liquid

sloshing around.

It seems like

that 20 feet jump

is taunting me,

daring me

to do it.


Anxiousness churns.

and nervousness seems to

float in the air

like fallen petals.


Shoving all reservations aside,

I look down again.

Suddenly, it doesn’t seem that far down anymore.


I take a deep breath.

I take a step forward.

my feet leave the rock.


I jump.


The Sun and I by Anna Ilyin

Written By: Rachel Barker - Jun• 19•18


As I walk on,

even though my legs are burning and it seems like I am walking at a snail’s pace…


I am suddenly at the top.


There are no trees here,

just bushes sprouting out of the cracks of rock.


Soon the reason we came to the mountain comes to life,

the eclipse!

Seeing the beautiful show from up so high is like a dream,

but one I’m actually living!

As I lay back on cool rock,

my body relaxes,

my mind goes calm.

As I slip on my shades and look up at the sky,

I am astonished!










And the sun,





Like an eerie scene out of a horror movie,

its iconic perfect shape and rusty coloring.

I get ready to bolt at the sight of a wolf.


As the clouds pass over the sun,

I think of the sun as an invisible lake,

the clouds as birds.

Disappearing into nothingness,

the birds dive into a world of stillness,

of clarity.


I understand finally,

that this is how it goes.


How I was meant to watch this show.


How everything has a meaning.


Untitled by Dora Chen

Written By: Rachel Barker - Jun• 19•18

One late summer afternoon, when the fields of sun-kissed grass danced and the sun had begun to disperse into brilliant streaks of orange and pink, a little girl stumbled upon the worn, crumbling path, leading into a never-ending golden meadow. Her skirt was frayed and exhaustion filled her but through the blazing sunlight, she continued on without a whimper.

In the center of the field, there was a cottage where a farmer and his wife lived. From the murky windows where she poured herself a steaming cup of honeyed tea, the farmer’s wife caught sight of a small speck coming closer and closer down the path. She eyed the isolated thickets in the distance. Across the fields of tall straws, a barren road snaked into the horizon. The span was vast, and seemed as if the farmer and his wife were the only ones in the field.

As the speck grew closer, the silhouette became small shape, casting long, empty shadows. From the grass, emerged a girl- a child. She had barely reached the clearing at the front of the cottage when the woman could see a flash of green eyes staring up at her and the flush of a dirty skirt when the small outline of her tumbled onto the ground.

In a start, the wife flew out the creaky doors and down the peeling porch steps towards the girl who lay still, blending in with the dull ground, dust on her face. Rays of golden light pressed against her, illuminating her silvery hair and revealing the patched clothing she wore.

The wife ran towards her and pulled her from the ground. She pressed her against her chest, trying to feel her breath, trying to make sure she was alright. In the horizon, everything became still: the dancing wheat fields, the rustling breeze, the rhythmic chirping of crickets.

The wife could finally feel the girl’s tiny heart beating in her delicate body as she cradled her in her arms. She held her closer and spoke softly into the girl in her arms: “where have you come from?”  But there was no answer.


Ode to Ms. DiGisi’s Library by Cayla O’Connell

Written By: Rachel Barker - Jun• 19•18



Oh library,

So big and filled with



Oh library,

where do I even begin?

Your colorful shelves of books

Bright Like a rainbow in the
Pretty blue Sky

Call me to them.


Oh library,

When I first came here,

All I would do

Is look through

The first bookshelf

Of graphic novels.


Oh library,

And now

I am looking at

All the bookshelves

Filled with all the

Chapter books.


Oh library,


When I Look at you

I see an amusement park of books

Ready for fun!


Out of the Chaos and Into the Light by Maddie Troost

Written By: Rachel Barker - Jun• 19•18

The ukulele is sleek in my hands.

The strings vibrate as I thrust them with my thumb.

Then, the process commences,

ideas rush through my head like a storm cloud.

The ideas

zing out

like lightning.

They struck my thumbs,

lighting them with a fire of adrenaline.

Gradually, the ideas string themselves together;


a song inaugurates itself out of the emptiness that is my brain.

My hands start to catch up with my thoughts,

and they agglutinate into one;

blazing a flurry of emotions from my head onto paper and into the world.

My core,

shining bright, spinning inside me,

centers me,

as I let go of everything holding me down.


I’m flying,

I’m as light as air,  

my worries are a blur below me,

practically invisible to the naked eye.

I start to plunge,





I hit the cold hard ground that is reality,

one wrong note after the other.

My strumming pattern falls apart,

disintegrates in my hands,

spark diminishing.

The curves of the ukulele crush my skin,

the heft increases as the blaze shrinks into an ember.      

I urge for someone to pull my body out of the cold,

and bring me back to the warmth of inspiration.


I glance to my lyrics;

my spark prepares to reignite into something much more forceful.

My thoughts move quickly;

they fan the flame;

it roars into a bonfire of revision.   


Basking in calm the heat overwhelms and flows through my body;

the song is finished,

I take a deep breath

and let go.